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El Barrio Project

I just recently returned from Harlem, NY, working on a project with a group of fantastic artists in East Harlem. The project is called Augmenting El Barrio and is a project where artists accomplished in murals, painting or other forms of artistic expression will be aumenting their work with an augmented reality tool.

Augmented reality is where the real world, when viewed through the viewfinder of a smart device, is augmented with additional information to supplement or add information to that which the user is viewing. So, for instance, if someone is looking at a mural in East Harlem through their smart device, he or she would be provided additional information regarding that work of art...this could be in the form of a video from the artist hoovering in the corner of the screen, perhaps some information on the work of art itself or anything else the artist wanted to add.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this very exciting project and in a later post describe how this project will ultimately be incorporated into the Virtual Harlem Project.